Distribution of Custom Assets

Made a custom cursor and skin that you find helpful? Why not share it with the community? Follow the instructions below to make your "package" (zip archive) and send it to us using our contact information. We will pull the basic information (Author, Description, Types, Images, etc.) directly from the pack, but feel free to tell us this information instead if you'd like a little more control over what we list. Be sure to tell us where to link your author listing too (Twitter, CodePlex profile, blog, whatever).


Custom Content Packs are just zip files containing the necessary XML file(s) and Image file(s). Packs can contain 1 or more skins and/or one or more cursors. Assuming you have followed the instructions for creating custom content (Custom Skins, Custom Cursors) all you need do is zip them up. The top level of the archive should be your XML file(s) and any images should be contained in an Images folder within your archive so that the extraction places things in the right spot.

If you are unsure about how your archive should be formatted, check out one of the packs available on either the Skin Gallery or Cursor Gallery.


We assume you have the rights or permission to use any images included in the pack and all necessary attribution is included in the XML Files where they are referenced (Within the comments above your content nodes). You can license your content any way you choose (as long as it doesn't violate the licensing model of Awesemulator).

If you decide not to include license information within the XML File comments the license will be that of Awesemulator itself. You can even charge for your content (we don't handle this and you will have to work out your own distribution system - although we will happily link to it) - that's totally up to you.

Any questions about licensing or distribution can be directed to us using our contact information or asked within the Issue Tracker.

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