WireBear Awesemulator was created with developers in mind. It comes with several cursors and devices, but we know that everyone's needs are different and new devices are coming out all the time. We will do our best to keep up, but things change so quickly in the Mobile space it only makes sense that you can create what you need when you need it.

Currently Awesemulator allows two main forms of customization: Custom Skins and Custom Cursors. There are a number of them provided in the Galleries section, but if you can't find what you are looking for then these instructions are for you!

Tools Needed

If you're developing WP7 apps, this shouldn't be an issue at all. All you need are an image editor (GIMP is great and free) and notepad to edit/create some pretty straightforward XML files.

The Configuration Folder

In the WireBear Awesemulator program folder (standard install C:\Program Files\WireBear Awesemulator\ or C:\Program Files (x86)\WireBear Awesemulator\ on 64-bit machines) is the Configuration folder.
This folder has three xml files and two folders by default:
  • Images Folder: This is where all the referenced images generally are (although they don't have to be)
  • Validation Folder: You should not nor should you need too, change anything in this folder
  • Default.Cursors.xml: These are the cursor definitions for all the included cursors (reference)
  • Default.Skins.xml: These are the skin definitions for all the included skins (reference)
  • Emulator.xml: This defines default information about the Emulator used to locate the application and will probably not need to be changed at all

Additional Cursor or Skin definition files can be placed anywhere in the Configuration folder (sub-directories are also fine). Any file references (image paths) should be relative to the Awesemulator.exe file.

The Advanced Menu

Currently the Advanced Menu is used to help speed up customization testing. It can be found under the Awesemulator Menu.
  • Open Configuration Folder: This is just a quick link to the Configuration Folder discussed above (clicking this will open the folder in Windows Explorer)
  • Reload Settings: This will cause Awesemulator to discard it's current settings and reload them from the XML files in the Configuration Folder

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