Custom Content Installation Guide

Custom content can come in the form of additional skins or cursors. These files are just zip archives with the xml definition file(s) and any necessary resource files and "installing" them is as simple as extracting to the correct folder.

Once you have downloaded your custom content pack (See the Galleries page to see what's available), save it to an easy to find location and browse there.

1. Right-Click on the Zip Archive and select "Extract All...":
Zip Extraction
(Your Context menu will probably look different depending on your version of Windows and Add Ons)
2. In the Extraction Wizard change the save location to the Configuration folder in the WireBear Awesemulator directory by pressing the Browse button, selecting the folder in the destination selection window and pressing OK:
Extraction Wizard File Destination
(standard install C:\Program Files\WireBear Awesemulator\ or C:\Program Files (x86)\WireBear Awesemulator\ on 64-bit machines)
3. Click Extract:
(Be sure to verify the correct Configuration folder path is listed)
4. A Confirmation window will appear asking if you want to merge the Images folder (This will just keep the contents of both the archive and the current images folder). Click the Yes button to continue:
Folder Merge
(Depending on the package, there may be more than one folder to merge so you can check the "Do this for all current items" checkbox to save time)
5. If you are running Windows 7 or Vista you will be asked to provide administrative permission to copy to the folder (for default installations in the program files directory). Verify the "Do this for all current items" checkbox is checked and select Continue:
Administrative Access
6. That's it! The next time you start Awesemulator you should see your skin/cursor(s) listed. If Awesemulator was already running you can choose Reload Settings under the Awesemulator > Advanced menu:

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